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Understanding Circadian Rhythms in Humanized Mice

The human body’s circadian rhythm can significantly impact many biological [...]

Early Discovery in Rats and Humanized Rodents

Early discovery in rats and humanized rodents Do you [...]

Humanized Mice as Preclinical Models for Liver Stage Malaria Infection

Malaria continues to affect 250 million people around the world [...]

HIS Mice Provide New Preclinical Model for Human Skin Immunity

Despite the convenience and appeal of oral therapies, the reality [...]

What’s Old is New Again: Chemical Carcinogenesis Models of Cancer

Early cancer research focused primarily on chemical carcinogenesis in rat [...]

Hera Presents at SOT 2017 & AACR 2017 Recap

Hera strives to provide its clients with superior preclinical toxicology [...]

In Vivo Liver Gene Delivery

In Vivo Gene Delivery to the Liver Combining the piggyBac™ [...]

Chimeric Humanized Mouse Models: Understanding Human and Mouse Cell Interactions

Humanized liver mouse models are increasingly being used in preclinical [...]

Transposon Mutagenesis Helps Identify Genes Mediating Drug Resistance in the Treatment of CLL

First time treatment of Chronic Lymphocratic Leukemia (CLL) generally requires [...]

PDX Models of Lung Cancer Closely Mimic Characteristics of Patient Primary Tumors

Despite ongoing research, lung cancers have remained among the most [...]