LNCaP prostate cells are broadly utilized as an AR sensitivity model in vitro but due to a low engraftment rate of 50% or less in mouse it is not fully utilized in vivo. In contrast, Hera BioLabs’ OncoRat displays 100% engraftment rates with consistent growth kinetics. The OncoRat also enables serial blood draws, allowing for PSA biomarker analysis and a smooth transition from efficacy to safety.
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LNCaP tumor growth kinetics and weekly PSA levels in the SRG OncoRat. Ten million LNCaP cancer cells were transplanted subcutaneously in the SRG rat. Take rate was 100%. Left graph: Tumor volume over time; each line represents a single animal. Right graph: Serum PSA assessed weekly throughout the study. Each line represents an individual animal. Colors in tumor growth graph correspond to those in PSA graph.