About Us

Hera BioLabs is a contract research organization (CRO) focused on the implementation of Precision Toxicology™ & Efficacy: utilizing precisely gene-edited models such as SCID rats, humanized rodents and engineered cell lines for producing more rapid, consistent and clinically-relevant data.  We have developed advantageous in vivo and in vitro models with a wide range of applications such as oncology drug efficacy testing in rodent (rat & mouse) with xenografts; human specific toxicology in humanized liver rodent models; transporter assays in humanized, cPgp/cBcrp double knockout, MDCKII cell lines; engineered HepG2-CYP cells for identifying human routes of metabolism, CYP phenotyping and drug/drug interactions; and GFP-SH-SY5Y (or SH-SY5Y-GFP) cells for neurotoxicity studies.


Our in vivo capabilities include model creation: custom genome engineering utilizing our tool kit of gene editing technologies (NextGEN™ CRISPR and piggyBac™ transposon system), in vivo gene delivery to the liver for disease modeling (and gene therapy studies), breeding in our transgenic – specific pathogen free (SPF) – barrier vivarium and phenotyping to verify gene edits; Lead optimization: dosing and sample collection, xenograft efficacy studies, serum chemistry panels for clinical pathology, PK/PD, full necropsy of all organs, fixation or flash freezing of organs, histopathology, and immunohistochemistry.

Our History


Hera spun-out of Transposagen & licenses IP for gene editing technology; development of SCID rats begins; awarded phase II SBIR grant


Completion of a 10,000 ft2 facility; Scientific team assembled with in vitro & in vivo efficacy & toxicity capabilities


Introduction of SDR™ & SRG™ SCID rats and efficacy services; Engineered HepG2 and MDCK cells; in vivo toxicity studies and humanized liver mice; custom gene editing, breeding and screening services in mouse and rat

2017/18 Plan

Humanization of the liver & immune system of SRG™ rats for toxicity and immuno-oncology services