About Us

Hera Biolabs, Inc., is an innovative pre-clinical contract research organization [CRO] utilizing cutting-edge gene-editing technologies to create novel in vivo models for oncology. Given our mission to accelerate cancer research and drug development, we focus upon rat models to deliver translationally-relevant, high-quality results.

Using proprietary technologies, Hera built the SRG Platform, a double knockout Sprague-Dawley rat engineered for T-cell, B-cell, and NK cell deficiency. Our first SRG model is the OncoRat®, uniquely suited for xenograft studies given its excellent tumor take-rates and ability to deliver masses 10x that of mouse models in half the time – all without the increased risk of genetic drift from multiple passages as observed in mice.

To facilitate immuno-oncology studies, a humanized SRG Model – the ImmunoRat™ – is in development. We’re continuing to use our proprietary Cas-CLOVER™ CRISPR System and piggyBac™ gene-editing technologies and know-how to expand our robust pipeline of animal models and services.

As a spinout of Transposagen Inc., Hera BioLabs is based in Lexington, KY. Our vivarium features a dual HEPA-filtered, disposable IVC rodent caging system, and the facility has successfully passed multiple audits by our happy clients. Pre-clinical research services are provided by Hera’s knowledgeable, friendly, customer-focused team.

Our History


Hera spun-out of Transposagen. Licenses obtained for gene editing technology. Development of SRG Platform begins; awarded Phase II SBIR grant


Completion of a 10,000 ft2 facility; Scientific team assembled with in vivo efficacy & toxicity capabilities


SRG Platform validated and first tumor models & efficacy studies in the OncoRat; Begin offering In vivo toxicity studies in humanized liver mice

2018 Plan

Full launch of the OncoRat and xenograft services. Continue development of ImmunoRat

OncoRat® is a registered trademark of Transposagen

piggyBac™ is a trademark of Transposagen

Cas-CLOVER™ is a trademark of Poseida Therapeutics

SRG™ is a trademark of Hera BioLabs

ImmunoRat™ is a trademark of Hera BioLabs