SDR™ Rats – SD-Rag2-SCID Knockout Rats


SD-Rag2SCID knockout rats, SDR™ rats, lack mature B cells and T cells and are more immunodeficient than the commonly used Nude rat line. The SDR rat demonstrates efficient engraftment of cancer cell lines. This model is also being developed by Hera for humanization (liver and immune system) studies. Hera provides this model off-the-shelf to researchers as well as xenograft and efficacy services conducted at Hera.

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  • Complete knockout of Rag2 protein
  • Loss of B and T cells by FACS analysis
  • Lack of circulating IgG & athymic
  • Proven engraftment of multiple cancer cell lines


  • Tumor Biology
  • Xenograft & Efficacy Studies
  • Immunology