Cancer cell lines and patient derived xenografts (PDX) are commonly engrafted and screened in mouse models of cancer. However, the OncoRat outperforms the mouse as a xenograft model and is more translational for drug efficacy testing. OncoRat consistently demonstrates higher efficiency and more desirable uniformity than mouse for tumor growth profiles. OncoRat is also ideal for downstream analysis as it produces samples ten times larger than mice and is metabolically closer to humans making it the preferred model for efficacy, pharmacokinetics (PK), and toxicology. Hera provides screening services using the OncoRat as well as PDX model services.

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Enabling Case Study: VCaP prostate cancer cell line

  • VCaP exhibits many clinical characteristics and is ideal for AR resistance.
  • Very difficult cell line to grow in mice: <20% take rate, highly variable growth profile
  • >90% tumor uptake in OncoRat, more uniform growth
  • VCaP is responsive to Enzalutamide in OncoRat

VCaP is responsive to Enzalutamide in OncoRat

OncoRat® is a registered trademark of Transposagen